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    About PhillyGames

    City of Cracked Dreamers

    thank you for visiting my Patreon. Take note if you want to pledge do understand that pay up front is on. Meaning you will be charged once you pledge. Patreon will likely then charge a fee again at the beginning of every month. So, me, you may want to pledge at the start of the month to save money if you wish to support.

    The Setting and tale «The City of Broken Dreamers» will be situated in a setting that greatly borrows from the genres of cyberpunk and cyberprep by having a dose that is heavy of noir. Located in future l . a . corporations and news magnates dominate lifestyle. That knows, using the right alternatives and a small luck, you could even break their hold within the town. But don’t rely on it.

    You perform being a Ghost, a bounty hunter for hire. Ghosts frequently have the backing associated with the rich and powerful and they are hence very nearly resistant to your legislation. Among Ghosts, you are considered among the best, but behind that lies a person operating from their difficult past. Your following mark is a new woman with a concealed, and secret that is troubling. So when you face her, you’ll face your demons too. You certainly will satisfy a large cast of figures, both allies and enemies. Them will be up to you how you interact with. Do it is kept by you expert? Ditch them? Or take them through to an of hot, steamy, — well, you get the point night.

    Looking for one thing with much more advantage? Where tale, and figures comes first? Some sort of having a backstory that is thick? This can all play away in a “City of Broken Dreamers”. The overall game are going to be dark, it will be enjoyable, it should be sexy, but the majority notably it’s going to be engaging.


    • 1920 by 1080 quality that is high rendered images.
    • Complete 1920 by 1080 animations that operate at 30 fps
    • Overarching plot where every option has a visible impact on what the whole story will unfold
    • Fully licensed soundtrack in help immerse you on the planet
    • Totally optional side game that is collectible.
    • Full scene replay theater to again experience your accomplishments 🙂
    • Depraved Awakening (Complete Variation)

      Offered to ten dollars patrons or over. Obtain it right here.

      Depraved Awakening tells the storyline of the Detective that is private and seedy underbelly of complimentary City. Filled up with choices that dictate how the overall game shall progres. The way you choose to entirely play is your responsibility.

      The Game The game play plays down as a choice based novel from a first-person viewpoint. Decisions you make can and frequently can come returning to influence things later on into the game.

      The Plot You are a definite eye that is private complimentary City. Your client that is latest has discovered himself dead. In terms of exactly how, many suicide that is suspect if you’re smarter than that. But poking around may enable you to get in certain water that is hot however again why can you be an exclusive eye if you weren’t looking to face the warmth.