Obviously you may dress any way you like. But I understand that some of you worry that you look too young, or you feel that you be trying too tough to remain young. I have also been receiving questions on how best to avoid seeming older than you are. So below are some of my tips about the best way best to dress following 40. Please be aware these are just GENERAL tips and a number of my personal preferences. They surely don’t apply to everybody. However, I do believe in dressing to your own strengths and taking your body form and style character into consideration. Therefore, if you would like to have some guidelines on how best to dress following 40, then you can find them below. How to dress following 40 — Exactly what are some of the things that you ought to avoid? Below are a few general guidelines on what things to avoid doing in terms of style after Do not buy clothes that don’t flatter you, even if they’re on trend this year. You be enticed by a new trend but you need to be picky. Only select those that fit your personality and your your body type. You may find guides on grooming all the various body types within these posts:HourglassPearInverted TriangleRectangleApple2. Do your best not to be too matchy-matchy or too polishedIt’s nice this is what women over 40 look like | talented ladies club to mix things up and become a bit more playful. A 2-piece lawsuit will quickly look old. Better to mix that coat with another skirt or pants and seem effortlessly chic. Sarah (above) teams her blazer with her jeans for a modern look. Recreate her look with this set of Veja shoes, and match with this similar crewneck shirt, blazer, jeans, purse and shades. 3. Avoid buying fabrics that appear cheap (or so are cheap and badly made) since they’re generally not flattering or won’t survive As a young woman, you’ve looked adorable in a flimsy, badly produced t-shirt but as a woman over 40, you will need something with a little more substance. You may observe some characteristics of fabrics here. In addition, we have a listing of recommended shops here. Best to buy only the clothing that you adore and which have an opportunity to last. Look for amazing natural fabrics like silk, cotton, lace and linen and you’ll enjoy them for years to come. Avoid fabrics that don’t drape nicely or cling. Vince dolman silk top4. Wearing tight and tight togetherOf course there are lots of exceptions but in general smaller items such as leggings look better when they’re combined with broad pieces like a tunic or wider shirt. That also applies to skirts. Aim to have either a tight skirt using a failure shirt or vice versa