My thermostat has just two cables. Am I appropriate for ecobee?

ecobee thermostats require a C (popular) wire to energy on. If for example the current thermoregulator utilizes only two wires (R and W, or T and T), you can find an installation that is few available, based on the job.

Before starting, take note the immediate following:

    You simply will not have the ability to install the Power Extender Kit (PEK) with heat-only systems that are 2-wire. The PEK can only just be utilized on furnace or temperature pump systems which do not have C cable — it is because the PEK calls for R (energy), G (fan), and Y (compressor) cables to use, and these 2-wire heat-only systems do not need these G and Y cables

To find out compatibility, you will want to access both the wiring at your thermoregulator plus the wiring at your heat where in fact the thermostat wiring finishes.

You can reach out to ecobee support for guidance, or hire a technician to aid in installation if you are not comfortable doing so

  • Dependent on what number of free cables you’ve got behind the wall surface at the thermoregulator, several of those choices will demand extra elements which are not incorporated with the ecobee, including operating brand brand new cables and/or buying an external 24VAC transformer, SP/NO isolation relay, or Fast-Stat Common Maker

    For those who have one thermostat managing your heating system, continue to step two below.

    Action 2:Determine how many wires that are extra have actually behind your wall surface in the thermoregulator

    Eliminate your thermostat from the wall surface to check out any unused wires which can be perhaps perhaps not presently attached to your thermoregulator. Make sure to check behind the wall surface in the thermoregulator aswell. The wire bundle at the thermostat will contain more than two wires total, with numerous unused wires available for use in some cases.

    Note this true quantity down and continue to step three.

    Action 3:Determine just just what wiring terminals you have got on the home heating

    The step that is next verifying exactly what your thermostat cables connect with at your heating gear.

    Make a note of the wiring tints at your thermoregulator together with kinds of terminals these are generally linked to. Next, find your thermoregulator wires at your heating gear. You will need to find the true part of that the two low-voltage thermostat wires join up together with your gear.

    With respect to the make and model of your gear, your thermoregulator wires may hook up to the annotated following:

    • Wiring terminals such as for example R, W, and C at your furnace
    • A fuel valve with terminals such as for example Th, Tr, and Th-Tr
    • T/T connections, usually attached to an Aquastat


    When your thermostat cables connect with terminals marked R and W, installation can be straightforward as linking a 3rd wire to your typical in the furnace or boiler’s low-voltage Common point. Based on your furnace, this can be either a terminal marked “C” or “Com 24V”, or perhaps you may want to find where in fact the popular may be linked to.

    Every furnace and boiler who has a transformer that is 24vac have a standard terminal—just trace the 2 low-voltage wires to check out where they hook up to. Then tap the C wire coming from the thermostat at this point if there is an existing connection point. Sometimes cutting/stripping the typical cable for splicing the thermostat’s C cable may also be needed.

    IF AN EXTRA is had by you CABLE

    Simply link find-bride the extra cable into the connection point that is common.


    If you don’t have any extra cables, you’ve got two options:

    • Run a additional cable at your thermoregulator down to your gear
    • Buy and put in a Fast-Stat Common Maker


    Another solution is always to power the ecobee by having an outside plug-in transformer that is 24VAC. This transformer may be connected to a wall surface, and could be wired the following:

    • The transformer that is 24VAC would connect with RC and C regarding the ecobee
    • The 2 cables on the old thermostat would connect with RH and W1 regarding the ecobee

    NOTE: make sure the transformer is with the capacity of 24V AC production ( not DC production)