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Sets of assignments can be organized into profiles which can be switched to manually or automatically when a specified app is in use. This is very useful because it allows you to automatically use one set of button assignments in, say, Chrome, another in Finder, and another in Photoshop. I’m a big fan of using keyboard shortcuts for small, repetitive tasks because they’re faster than navigating through menus. But, like it or not, your hands aren’t always on the keyboard. Switching to the keyboard takes extra time, which kind of defeats the purpose of using keyboard shortcuts. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily access common functions from whatever input device we’re currently using, the keyboard or mouse? I really do find that I save a lot of time by having these shortcut buttons on the mouse, to the point that I feel more than a little handicapped when I have to use a normal mouse or trackpad.

In 2019, logitech released G-Hub, their latest software for their gaming keyboard and mouse. Can be used with both hands but left-handed can’t access thumb buttons. By the way, it has rubberized finishing that enhances the grip and comfort for long hours of usage. Great for those who love lighting effect and play games in low light environment. And the cable is braided with anti-interference magnet ring while USB plug is gold plated. There are Alcatroz X-Craft Pro Trek 1000 and X-Craft Pro limited edition gaming mousepad in the package. You can download mouse driver from Alcatroz Website directly.

With its universal design, this wireless presenter remote and air mouse supports a wide variety of platforms and software. Both functions have extra long ranges as well so you can walk around the room as you like. + Custom profile buttons at the bottom of the mouse allow you to create different profiles through the included software. Adjust the dpi value and not only allows the presence of programmable functions in the gaming mouse. The company finally realized that a multi-button mouse is a very narrow segment, and for most players, they are too specific. And removable magnetic side panels with different numbers and button layouts, in this case, are the best way out. It’s not a question, but two buttons with a rubber sidewall and get a manipulator comparable in the degree of convenience with DeathAdder Elite.

  • At first glance, you’ll immediately appreciate VSCO’s intuitive design – the main menu is clean and straightforward, and tools are designed with simple, easy-to-understand icons.
  • PhotoDirector 10 by Cyber Link is the latest version of this photography software.
  • This is a standard auto photo editing program that has always been released with Mac devices.
  • This basic photo enhancing program is great for beginners and those getting to grips with photo editing.

At your service are 12 buttons, if you can remember their location. That is, the Naga series has become universal and is no longer tied to a single genre of games, and these panels themselves can be switched literally on the fly, which none of the competitors can boast of. Moreover, now the best-in-class sensor is installed here, which, again, is not available for competitors who nervously use unstable Phillips and Avago lasers. Well, here it’s still worth adding all the other advantages of the device, free softwares such as high-quality surface, convenient shape, soft cable, good switches, built-in memory, RGB-backlight, and software.

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The command quick access, while not the best location for me, adds that extra access to keep you in your workspace as do the QuickZoom buttons on the side. It allows you to both zoom if your CAD software and provides faster scrolling in documents. There’s a noticeable difference after using another mouse without the ‘inertia effect’ that the CadMouse provides. I would like to see the scrolling made smoother–closer to what I have with the Logitech M325 mobile mouse.

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As you may know, 3Dconnexion is known for their devices that are not your typical slide-about, pad-havin’ variety. Their usual product is a line-up of stationary device that features a puck to move your model about in 3D space. So why did 3Dconnexion develop and manufacture a regular mouse? We’ve been told it compliments the 3D Mouse–3D Mouse for your left hand, CadMouse for your right hand. (Forehead for the keyboard?) However, there are also those CAD users who don’t use a 3D Mouse–those who are happy to have one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard. For those people, a mouse made specifically for their work makes a huge amount of sense, and surprisingly, 3Dconnexion has thought of a few things that other mouse manufacturers haven’t. Control your presentations like a pro by using our pick for the best air pen mouse, the Doosl.