An Update On Speedy Solutions For Dll

I’ve added some Fixes and other things that have come up over the past couple upgrades, feel free to take it or leave it. You can remove Cortana using this script but I would recommend against that. When you remove or disable Cortana your start menu and search functions are disable along with it. Cortana cannot be removed without breaking Window, but there are some GPO settings and registry settings that can reduce it down to a search bar with no voice. God knows i need that damned search bar to find anything I haven’t already "tiled".

Step-By-Step Easy Plans For Missing Dll Files

It will uninstall the app when each user logs in and runs the step, but running it under one login will not remove it from the other users. That doesn’t matter much, though, if it takes forever to load. If you’re finding the menu a bit sluggish on your machine, you can turn off the open animation. Using Office 365 Pro Plus 2016 on my computer with dual screens and when moving an excel window from one screen to the next I get a lagging or delayed response. I have tried a few in this thread but none seems to be working. I just updated excel- these animations are decorative and counterproductive– using a spreadsheet is not entertainment.

  • In the System Configuration window, click or tap the Boot tab.
  • In the Boot options section, select the “Safe boot” option.
  • After you have chosen the keyboard layout that you want to use, on the “Choose an option” screen, go to Troubleshoot.
  • Log in with a user account that has administrator permissions, and perform the changes you want.
  • After your PC reboots, Windows 10 starts into Safe Mode.

Regarding step 2 – The step is titled, "Removing specific Apps for logged in user" and I think this is accurate. At the bottom of the step, this sentence, "This will uninstall the app Microsoft.BingNews from all users who HAVE at one point logged into this computer." may cause confusion.

windows install troubleshooting

But in our corporate environment, the logos, even the "other user" logo are defaulting to our corporate logo. I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue here, but unsure what would cause the difference if you’re replacing those .png files during OSD. what are the proper steps to creating a package for this and distributing it?

– Added Second Method that will still allow users to change their Lock Screen Image. Also, in the Default Profile section, a couple of additional registry keys to help control the lock screen experience, thanks to Doug ( for the tip on that.

How should i have this setup and what is the proper package creation process for this? I am a bit of a noob so i am still figuring things out. – I’ve updated the Script in the download to reflect that change. This I did because of Branding, our Communication Department provided me with the .png logo files, which I then had to modify to look good in Windows 10 "Profile CIRCLE" they use. Because it’s a CIRCLE, it would cut off the edges, so I used Paint.NET to increase the Canvas Size so when Windows trims the edges to fit the CIRCLE window, it doesn’t cut off any of the logo. Using this method below, in 1607 will prevent users from changing it themselves.